West Kalimantan won two gold medals on the first day of Peparnas' (National Paralympic Week's) 100-meter freestyle matches at the Kampung Harapan Aquatic Arena, Jayapura District, Papua, on Monday.

Santoso bagged the gold in the men's S9 classification and Kevin Ramadhani in the men's S10.

Santoso recorded his best in S9 by clocking a time of 1 min and 08.28 secs and defeating Muhlis of South Sumatra, who came second, with 1 min and 12.75 secs. Meanwhile, Saepul Manan from West Java stood third, with a time of 1 min and 17.48 secs.

Kevin Ramadhani from West Kalimantan also won a gold medal in the men's 100 meters freestyle S10, who among others, finished the fastest, with a time of 1 min and 00.71 secs.

The second and third positions were secured by Bayu Putra Yoga from Jambi, with 1 min and 07.12 secs and Ekber Marani from West Papua, who recorded a time of 1 min and 08.51 secs.

Other provinces that each bagged a gold were West Java, Riau, and Papua in the 100-meter freestyle.

West Java's Elvan Leonardi clocked a time of 1 min and 11.60 secs in the men's S8, Nova Aprillah from Riau recorded a time of 1 min, 38.17 secs in the women's S10, while Agnes M Yowei from Papua clocked a time of 1 min, 18.32 secs in the women's S9.

Outlined herewith are the complete results of the 100-meter freestyle race at Peparnas Papua, Monday, November 8, 2021:

Men's 100 meters freestyle S8
1. Gold - Elvan Leonardi (West Java) - 1:11.60
2. Silver - Andika (Riau) - 1:25.64
3. Bronze - Nyong Wally (Maluku) - 1:26.60

Men's 100 meters freestyle S9
1. Santoso (West Kalimantan) 1:08.28
2. Muhlis (South Sumatra) 1:12.75
3. Saepul Manan (West Java) 1:17.48

Women's 100 meters freestyle S9
1. Gold - Agnes M Yowei (Papua) - 1:18.32
2. Silver - Norlatifah (South Kalimantan) - 1:24.57
3. Bronze - Fitriah (South Kalimantan) - 1:27.93

Men's 100 meters freestyle S10
1. Gold - Kevin Ramadhani P (West Kalimantan) - 1:00.71
2. Silver - Bayu Putra Yoga (Jambi) - 1:07.12
3. Bronze - Ekber Marani (West Papua) - 1:08.51

Women's 100 meters freestyle S10
1. Nova Aprillah (Riau) - 1:38.17
2. Um Kalsum (South Sulawesi) - 1:44.76
3. Aisa Nahumarury (Maluku) - 1:49.82

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Pewarta: KR-KZ
Editor: Sri Haryati